The Village

Village Retreat is a holiday resort in the beautiful village of Bedepuszta. This small village is located in a high valley at the end of a dead-end road in the Hungarian Carpathian mountains. The area consists of hills and valleys with fields, meadows and vast forests. Many villages in the area have been deserted and swallowed up by nature. Despite the location being quite isolated, Budapest is just an hour away. The authentic farmhouses include living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and gardens. In addition, there are two guest houses with a total of ten modern twin rooms. The centre has a campsite with all the necessary facilities. The village also hosts events, weddings and retreats. With large indoor areas like the school building, covered outdoor spaces such as the pavilion and various locations across the open field, there are plenty of possibilities. There are also facilities for leisure including a beach volleyball court and a swimming pool. The original houses have been renovated, their original authenticity preserved. All the houses and farmhouses have a garden and a terrace. In addition to the original houses, there are also new buildings with double rooms for group bookings. The campsite is located in the centre of the village and can accommodate around 100 guests. Bedepuszta can be rented privately by companies or large groups, but the houses can also be booked separately in certain periods. In addition, the village serves as a location for yoga retreats and small boutique festivals. Back
Bedepuszta, the village
Bedepuszta, the village An island in a sea of green
The Bedepuszta Project
The Bedepuszta Project Ecological hamlet, cultural hotspot
History of Bedepuszta
History of Bedepuszta From Iron Age till communism