Daytrips and surroundings

Daytrips from Bedepuszta Village Retreat to Budapest, Eger, the Danube bend and closer to home: Hollókö and the prehistoric Pompeie site of Ipolytarnóc. Back
The valley
The valley A world of tranquility
Hollókö Little gem at walking distance
Daytrip Eger
Daytrip Eger Wines, spas, the castle and the old town
Daytrip Budapest
Daytrip Budapest Pearl of the Danube, one hour drive
Daytrip Ipolytarnóc
Daytrip Ipolytarnóc Prehistoric theme park and castles
Daytrip Danube bend
Daytrip Danube bend Szentendre, Vác, Esztergom and Visegrad