Restrictions on pets

Bringing pets to Village Retreat

Pets in Village Retreat

Dogs are allowed in two houses in Village Retreat; Kovács house and 70sRetro house. For pets other than dogs the guest needs permission from the management. Please contact us about the possibilities before booking.

Restrictions on dogs

A dog is only allowed in the above mentioned houses when:

  1. The animal is house trained and has a good temperament.
  2. In particular it’s important that the dog is not aggressive and doesn’t damage any of our properties.
  3. The dog may not cause any nuisance to the other guests. Therefore we advice not bring any dogs that bark or cry a lot.
  4. The droppings of the dog have to be collected and cleaned up by the owner.
  5. The dog may not be cleaned with the sleeves, blankets and towels supplied by us.
  6. The dog may not sit on the beds, chairs or sofas.
  7. The dog may not have fleas.
  8. The owner of the dog is obliged to clean all hair and traces that the dog left before check out.
  9. It’s not allowed to bring dogs that smell bad. The cleaners should be able to clean the house in such a way that there’s no dog smell when new guests arrive.
  10. Outside the garden and the house the dog has to be on a lead within the Village Retreat area. In the open fields around the Village the dog can run freely.
  11. Any damages caused by the dog are on expense of the owner. Damages include damage to our properties (furniture, textile, etc) and the properties of other guests and visitors of Village Retreat. The responsibility of the owner of the dog also applies to the costs to repair damages caused by the dog and professional cleaning in case needed.
  12. The owner of the dog has to sign this document upon arrival.Costs for bringing a dog are 35 euro per week (1 to 7 days).

Opportunities for dogs

Above we read a lot of restrictions, but there are also a lot of possibilities for the dogs. The valleys around Bedepuszta Village Retreat are fantastic area to walk your dog; hills crossed with dirt roads, wide views and few fences. The gardens are big and have good fences. Also there’s a dog house in the garden and food and water bowls are provided. As long as the dog doesn’t damage anything in the house nor hops on the furniture it can sleep and stay inside. Within a two minute walk there are off-leash areas around. Beware that there’s a lot of wildlife in the neighborhood.

  • Pet fee 35 euro/week
  • Pet fee 35 euro/week