House rules

What's allowed and what's not

House rules

1. Pets are not allowed without prior permission. In houses where a pet is not allowed, visits with a pet are also not allowed.

2. It is forbidden to smoke in the houses and in the common areas of the village. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas and in the garden of the rented house. Butts must be properly disposed of and cleaned up.

3. It is not allowed to cause nuisance to others.

4. Fire is only allowed in places where this is indicated.

5.It is not permitted to take attributes such as furniture, glasses, crockery, pans, bedding, etc. outside to other houses or the event site. Attributes should always remain in the house where they were found.

6. Visits that have not been booked for cannot stay overnight without our permission.

7. It is not allowed to place 1 or more tents, folding trailers, caravans etc. in or near the house without permission.

8. You may not use our homes in any other way than for which they are intended, they are intended for a quiet stay and not intended for celebrating parties & parties in the broadest sense of the word, without explicit permission being given.

9. In case of group rental, houses serve exclusively as sleeping accommodation. The Pavilion is available free of charge for meetings until 10 p.m.

10. It’s not allowed to take furniture, bed linen and other bedding outside the house.

11. Retract the parasol (if present) in strong wind and rain.

12. Dishwasher and refrigerator must be empty before departure.

13. It is not allowed to fry in the house.

14. Bringing electrical appliances that require a lot of energy (think of heaters / sun canopy etc.) is not allowed without permission.

15. It is not allowed to swim in the pool when it is indicated that this is not allowed (for example during cleaning).

16. It is not allowed to swim in the pool with clothing (not being swimwear).

17. It is not allowed to bring drinks or food into the swimming pool.

18. Instructions of the personnel must be followed at all times.

19. It is not allowed to remove furniture or other attributes from the event area (bar-stage-pavilion-hangout-school-sauna).

20. It is not allowed to enter non-public areas and other (non-reserved) houses.

21. It is not allowed to open closed wells.

22. Guests are responsible for their own safety and that of their children.

23. If damage or breakage has been made, this must be reported.

24. Instructions from Village Retreat staff must be followed.

If the house rules are not complied with, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures and to offset any costs resulting from this, in whole or in part.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Final cleaning

What do we ask of you? At departure:

* Remove bed linen from the beds and put it in the laundry basket.

* leave dishes clean in the cupboard, dishwasher empty

* lamps off and refrigerator empty

* separate household waste in the appropriate container.

Unfortunately, it often happens that people leave their household waste, full dishes, empty bottles, beds still made, etc. in the house after departure. The resulting costs will be settled.

We trust in your understanding and hope never to have to apply these deductions.



The deposit is € 150. If damage or defects that have arisen during your stay are not reported and this is established during a subsequent inspection of the home and where a company must come to repair the damage, we hold you responsible for the costs of repair or repair.

Complaints or suggestions
Despite our care, you may have a complaint or suggestion. Please notify us in good time so that we can maintain and / or improve our service and quality and do something about it immediately and during your stay.

Complaints of any shortcomings that are only reported upon departure can no longer be processed.

As a guest you are liable for damage occurring during your stay and are obliged to report this immediately, also damage caused by your fellow guests etc. Damage / breakage, etc., which are already present or visible on arrival, must be reported immediately upon arrival. We can no longer trace / assign damage / breakage etc. afterwards and will be borne by the current tenant.


We are NOT liable for: damage and / or injury arising as a result of staying on our site; damage and / or injury suffered as a result of the use of the facilities present on the site.

We cannot accept liability for noise nuisance, nuisance, etc. experienced during the stay in and around our homes caused by third parties in the broadest sense of the word. We will, of course, do our utmost to resolve the nuisance as quickly as possible