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Village Retreat

Escape the city for a holiday in a hidden hamlet. Land in an authentic cottage amidst orchards and enjoy great facilities, far from everything but only one hour drive from Budapest. Read more

Village Retreat

The idyllic countryside


Village Retreat is not a normal village. There's a bar; a stage; a pavilion; a kitchen; a swimming pool; a playground; a hammock camp; a wellness and the former school building which is now used for meetings, yoga classes and film screenings. Read more


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The original cottages have been renovated, preserving their authenticity. All the houses have a parking, a garden and a terrace. In addition there are B&B rooms, cabins and furnished tents. Campers are welcome on the camping. Read more


Cottages, rooms and camping

The Yonderbar

The Yonderbar is an inspiring country bar with a great terrace and spectacular panoramic views. In the bar you have home made beverages, local beers, quality coffee and wine, as well as a large collection of great board games. Read more

The Yonderbar

Livingroom of Bedepuszta


The environment around Bedepuszta consists of hilly landscapes with fields, meadows and lots of forest. A paradise for hikers and mountainbikers. Read more


The valley, Hungarian Highlands, Budapest

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Bedepuszta, Hungary

Village Retreat is located in the Hungarian village of Bedepuszta. The houses in this village have come in our possession one by one. All houses have been renovated and turned into comfortable holiday homes while their authenticity has been retained. But Village Retreat is more than a village full of holiday homes: we built a bar (the Yonderbar) with terraces, a stage and a garden, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, a pavilion and a campsite. At the top of the village you will find a wellness garden with a yoga room, a sauna and hot tubs.

The village is embedded in nature and perfectly equipped for nature-oriented programs and activities with the aim of reducing stress and gaining inspiration.

Village Retreat is a place where you will find space and tranquility, but also a place where things happen. Regularly we have live music, tastings, walking holidays, yoga retreats and in August we organize our own festival: The Great Yonder.

Village Retreat is located in a beautiful valley that looks out over the foothills of the Mátra mountains, a remote place surrounded by forests and hilly meadows. Only one road enters the hidden vale. To the north, west and south there are no other settlements for many miles.

Although it feels like Bedepuszta is in the middle of nowhere, the capital Budapest and the airport are only one hour drive (95 km).

With a mountain bike there are many options for interesting trips. To the old village and castle of Hollókő (World Heritage) for instance, only 8 kilometer west of Bedepuszta. Or Buddha Park, 12 kilometer to the east. Dirt roads are everywhere, the landscape is magnificent and destinations are plenty. Within a 20 kilometer radius there are 10 restaurants to be found.

Village Retreat is part of a green project with the ultimate goal of establishing a circular village. In daytime we produce electricity for 90% of the event area, including a solar fed wellness. We collect and reuse rainwater, work on several biodiversity projects and plant trees for the Sziget Forest Plantation in cooperation with Sziget Festival. Additionally we have a waste selection/reuse program and we grow our own herbs and (bio) fruits, which are served in Yonder bar & kitchen.

The Hungarian highlands have not yet been discovered as a tourist destination by many. Yet, natural resources like oak forests, hot springs and romantic landscapes, as well as quality wine regions, traditional villages and hilltop castles, make it an inspiring and authentic destination for those who want to escape mass tourism.